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Turkey Sausage, Eggplant & Okra Naan Pizza

Don't judge this one until you try it. Sautéed slices of Japanese eggplant & okra along with turkey sausage crumbles is an incredible mini naan pizza!

I know. I know. Okra turns up many noses within my circle of family and friends. But it's HOW you cook it that makes the difference. Yeah, okra can get slimy. Sliced then quickly tossed into a hot pan with olive/avocado oil and seared is amazing. I personally like it sautéed with garlic and chopped pecans. But that's another recipe to share another time.

Yesterday, I got home after a string of meetings and wanted to cook something quickly. Tip: always have some naan bread in your fridge or freezer! Either the large or mini. It doesn't matter. They're always good. (I'm going to share my naan recipe soon! Until then, store bought is perfect.)

With our garden bounty, I had lots of Japanese eggplant and several new okra pods. Hmm. What to do?? I fired up the oven to 450°, sliced the eggplant & okra and sautéed quickly with some seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic granules, a little cayenne pepper) in a couple of tablespoons of olive/avocado oil. You can use whatever oil you want — just make sure the oil is hot enough (Med-Hi) so that the veggies don't soak in the oil; they will be soggy and not toast up nicely. You may have to add some oil as they cook so they don't get too dry and burn. After slightly browned and soft, tossing frequently (they only take about 4 or 5 minutes), spread them out evenly on the mini naan bread along with crumbled turkey sausage (always a staple) and some shredded cheese. I baked them for about 9 minutes. Fast food at it's finest. Start to finish? Maybe 20 minutes. Depends on how long it takes you to slice the veggies. Stages of the meal are in the photos below.

If you try this recipe or have other great ones to share, please let me know! I'd love to try and share your ideas. Meals need to be fun and flavorful. Always. Thanks for visiting.

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