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Welcome to Foodie Julie Iowa. I am Julie West and I want to assure you that I am no Master Chef. But I am someone who appreciates good food. And healthy food, most of the time. I'm not a slave to the stove and like to cook simple meals that anyone can do. I do like to test new things. But I do make mistakes and try to learn from them. And yes - I dirty a lot of dishes and I'm kind of a messy cook. That's why I have a husband that is neat and tidy and cleans up after me.

The purpose of this website and my social media links is to help people realize there are no set-in-stone ways to cook tasty meals. You can be creative with whatever you have in your fridge, freezer and pantry. You don't need the latest gadget, appliance or fancy ingredient. Let me show you how to be excited about making your next meal. Do you have a specific question for me? Please submit a note in the form below and I will answer you asap. This website is a work in progress so please come back often for updates. Let's go!

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