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The Pepper Dilemma is Real

I love peppers. Especially poblano (roasted!) and jalapeño (in almost everything) peppers. But I hate cleaning out the seeds. Which I do with most of my recipes.

A couple of years ago, I was looking through my kitchen drawers, looking for a gadget that might help. Lo and behold – the grapefruit spoon! I've had these for years (maybe my mom bought them for me when my girls were little - over 30 years ago?) and never considered them a time-saving tool for peppers.

But that's exactly what I now use. A grapefruit spoon. The spoons with the serrated edges that me and my girls used to scoop out the little segments of a half of a grapefruit. Now, to prep my pepper, I just cut off the stem, cut it in half length-wise, hold onto the top of the pepper and scrape. Off they come. Clean as a whistle.

With really hot peppers, I may wear thin medical gloves. I've rubbed my eyes too many times without thinking, and regretted it. Painful! But using this grapefruit spoon has saved my hands (and eyes) from the heat of most peppers.

Do you have a tip or trick that you'd like to share? Please send me a note and I'll share.

All the best - Foodie Julie

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