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Quick pork sliders

We smoked a pork tenderloin a couple of weeks ago and I froze it into big chunks. I like to thaw them out then thin slice them on our meat slicer. Between the FoodSaver sealer & freezer bags and the Chef's Choice Premium Meat Slicer, we're in great shape for quick easy snacks or a light brunch on the front porch with a side of strawberries and a glass of wine.


  • Brush slices of baguette or sourdough with olive oil.

  • Briefly toast or broil on each side till slightly browned.

  • Top with a slice of thinly sliced pork loin - or any other meat - and a slice of goat cheese. (I used Nordic Creamery Grumpy Goat)

  • Sprinkle with Sonoma Seasoning Blend or chili powder/paprika/etc.

  • Put under broiler until cheese just starts to bubble - don't brown it.


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