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Pasta made easy!

I love pasta. However, I always thought it was a hassle and sometimes dangerous to drain. My Aunt Betty came to the rescue for me years ago.

She was a sucker for buying kitchen stuff from HSN and ads that you can find in stores as "As Seen on TV". She didn't live in large apartments, so you can only imagine how many things she tried to pawn off to me and my family.

However, I have always been grateful for this metal pasta pan with a lid. No more colanders tipping and losing carefully cooked pasta down the drain.

I know. There are many other fancier pans like this out there. But I've used this one for years and it makes me smile about who gave it to me. Betty passed away in 2015 but her spirit still remains strong with this family. I'll let you know when the book comes out. Until then, enjoy cooking!

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