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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs

Nothing says "yum" like bacon and chicken, right? If you agree, this meal is for you. I pulled out a bunch of items from my fridge, wondering what the heck am I going to do with this tonight? Boneless skinless chicken thighs. Bacon. Sweet peppers. Goat cheese. Oasis Hummus (the best!). Leftover roasted potatoes, asparagus & onions. Hmm.

Preheat the oven to 375° - then the fun begins.

Potato side dish:

Toss the potato/onion/asparagus leftovers with additional asparagus (from our garden!) & peas with some olive oil and salt & pepper & granulated garlic. Then put in a square baking dish. You can bake this the same length of time as the chicken, stirring occasionally.

Chicken bake:

Pound the chicken thighs into cutlets (put in between plastic wrap and use a meat tenderizer tool). Cut red & yellow peppers into spears. Slice the goat cheese lengthwise (one slice per chicken thigh). Spread hummus on each thigh. Layer the peppers and the goat cheese on top of the hummus and jelly roll the thighs. Cut slices of bacon lengthwise - with one piece per thigh. Wrap around the thigh, tucking under the ends. Bake on a baking stone until the interior temperature reaches 150° or so. Or about 20-25 minutes. The chicken will keep cooking after you take it out of the oven to reach proper doneness.

An instant thermometer is super important when baking dishes like this. I highly recommend the ThermoPro Instant Read Thermometer. I use it all the time.

Want a demonstration of this meal? We just happen to have one. Enjoy!

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